The cold meats company Embotits Artesans Can Duran was founded in1946 at a pork butcher’s in Centelles (Osona). Over time the establishment took on a character of its own and its farmhouse products became very popular.



In 1990, Can Duran moved to new facilities in Vic, thus initiating its process of consolidation in Spain and its expansion in Europe, and its transformation from a small village business into a factory with produce sold nationwide.



In 2007, the company opened a new 7,000 sq. metre plant in Vic, which currently has a state of the art production system aimed at improving the quality of the final product and ensuring food safety.



Situated between the sea and the mountains, Osona is an ideal region for producing cured meats. It is blessed with certain environmental and climatic conditions that favour the development of pork products, such as Vic’s traditional longaniza, a product that is protected by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).


The company currently has modern facilities in the town of Seva (Osona), allowing it to maintain its farmhouse-style heritage while adapting to the new times, and without sacrificing the quality of the products that Embutidos Artesanos Can Duran has been offering to its customers over the years, using the best lean pork and a completely cold curing process.



Can Duran is characterized by its combination of tradition and innovation. The company continues to develop its products according to family recipes, while at the same time incorporating the latest technology into the production processes to improve food quality and safety.

The major features of good practice include especially a careful selection of fresh meat and meticulous preparation. All of its products undergo the strictest controls during the preparation process.
The company has implemented the IFS and BRC quality systems.


All Can Duran’s work systems are based on strict production processes which are certified for quality by the IFS (International Food Standard) and by the BRC (British Retail Consortium). Since 2011, the company is also certified by the UK’s RSPCA, which authenticates the use of meat from pigs raised in line with animal welfare criteria.